Friday, April 11, 2008

Jen Magazine

This is an article i found in my new favorite online magazine, Jen Magazine. Its all about modest fashion and keeping your high standards. Probably the best magazine thats ever happened to me!

No, Really – It’s a Good Thing!
By Rebecca ReichlSometimes modesty is just frustrating. Do you ever feel like you’re just never going to be able to get it right? Do you ever wish that you could just not have to struggle with it? Do you ever think, “You know, it would really be nice if for once I could just go to the store and buy an outfit like a normal person?”Me too. For me, modesty is one of those practical virtues that is so pretty in the ideal. If, lying in bed at night, I were to do word associations for “modesty,” the list would be so inspiring. Femininity. Godliness. Grace. Beauty. Elegance. Confidence. Chastity. The list goes on. In my head, modesty is a sign of maturity, a sign of a girl who cares for others, a sign of self-respect and self-worth. In my head, modesty is an ideal, an admirable achievement of a lovely woman.And then . . . I go shopping. Then, I have to get dressed for school. Then, I have to go to a wedding. Then, I get frustrated.Modesty isn’t easy. And, while it doesn’t have to be drudgery, sometimes it seems like life would just be a whole lot easier if I could just erase my beliefs and start over again.It’s at this point in my moment of self-pity that I need to slow down and take a minute to remember why modesty matters in the first place.There’s a reason that I associate all those wonderful words with modesty - it’s because they’re all true! The girl who is modest is beautiful. She is elegant, confident, feminine. She respects herself, and she respects those around her.The heart of the question is - who am I doing this for? It’s not for your parents, or for your church. Ultimately, it’s not even for the guys around us. Dressing modestly is our chance to let purity shine through. It’s our chance to be confident in our femininity, without degrading ourselves into an object. It’s an opportunity to display maturity and to uplift those around us by showing the loveliness of a tasteful woman.The next time you’re getting dressed or going shopping and start getting frustrated, give yourself a little pep talk. Look your mirror in the eye and tell that disgruntled girl staring back at you that modesty is beautiful. Modesty is feminine. And so are you.

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Tamalyn Kay said...

I loved this one. It is made of awesome.