Tuesday, April 8, 2008

motherly instincts.. i guess.

all i would like to say, is my mother somehow knows everything about me. she knows when im failing a class, when ive been in a fight, and worst of all,
knows when i have kissed a boy.

she probably knows all the where what why and how's of it too.

im not saying ive kissed a boy, (to my sisters who are reading this) but im just saying.. watch your back because she knows who you've been kissing too probably. and dating. and talking to. and looking at. and she probably knows what you did last summer as well.


Tamalyn Kay said...

I know. I know. She reads minds. Everyones.

Kristin May said...

She's so sneaky. Its a good thing she's so good hearted, because she would make a bad-A villain with all her mind powers.

jackie herself said...

hahahha. oh mommmmm. we're so lucky to have HER.