Saturday, December 18, 2010

from the mouth of corbin

corbin is the sweet litte 8 year old i nanny. blake his big brother, whos 11.

(while i was helping him with his homework)
me: you could use it in a sentence like.... 'corbin sat like a lump on the couch'
corbin: corbin made a his pants.

blake: it was so so salty!!!!
corbin: kinda like worms?
blake: corbin you tried worms before?
corbin: whaaaaat? it was ONE time. i was curious.

corbin: my parents didnt know until they realized my pet goldfish was missing. it tasted like.. fried fish. but just.. raw. you know?

blake: would you rather be cool or hot?
corbin: cool. being hot is the chicks job.

(playing super mario..)
blake: pause it a second while i'm on the phone or i'll die!!!
corbin: (pauses it for 5 seconds and then unpauses it and looks at me) What?? its what brothers do.

me: do you have a girlfriend at school?
corbin: girlfriendS.
me: do you love them?
corbin: yes
blake: WHAT!?!?
corbin: what? i'm in love. i really am you guys.

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Oh You Know.... said...

hahahahahahahahah. Who are these little children? I feel like I don't even know your life anymore.