Sunday, December 12, 2010


if i lose 25 pounds...............................

i'm going to buy myself this dress. normally, i would never,ever spend that much money.
actually i dont buy anything thats not marked down by at least 50% off.

but i want this beauty. and i dont want fat nicole to buy the dress.
skinny nicole must buy the dress. 
therefore: i must exercise.

i seriously will sell my soul for it. well. not really. but i'll give up the easy life of being chubby..
it is motivation enough for me to stop shoving my face full of reeses and cookies.

bring on the miserable days of no carbs and no yummy time.


Brooke Shoko said...

i hate this.
but really.

Sydney said...

Geez. 25 lbs. is a lot. You'll be too skinny and gross. Plus carbs are not the bad guy. They give you energy. Just keep out the simple sugars and bring on the whole grains.

Brittany said...

Dear Nicole,

You are skinny and do not need to lose any weight to be beautiful in this dress! :) Merry Christmas! Happy no carb day! xoxo, Brit