Saturday, December 11, 2010

rollercoaster magic.

i feel like this semester has been a rollercoaster.
an ongoing, never-ending roller coaster.
you get all excited at the highs
scared before the dips
wanting to get off when you feel a little sick after so many twists and turns...
but then wanting to get back on again after the ride is over.

bleheheh. life is tough
school, money, jobs, relationships

i need a magic wand.
if i had one..this is what would happen:
-i'd lose 25 pounds "reducto cellulito"
-i'd be rich "infinite currencio"
-i'd be done with school "educatia finito"
-i'd be perfectly happy and problem free "instantio serotonia"
-nutella and coldstone would be a very important part of the food pyramid "carbtransfatiosugarhighio-crucialo"

you BET i'd be muttering those charms every day. oh if only.

1 comment:

mal blair said...

i tried using "reducto cellulito" today..
hope you have better luck than i did!