Wednesday, December 15, 2010

in pictures..

on repeat:  "dont speak" by no doubt. and the cute boys i nanny for even sing along to it now. :) gwen sefani is just.. rad.

hoping for: a magic 300 bucks to bestow itself upon me so i can buy a real camera. only been my dream the past 5 years.

happy that: my finals were a piece of cake and i'll be in the magic kingom next week! mmm.. cake..

wanting to watch: more episodes of 16 &pregnant. sue me.

can't wait for: whenever this cramp in my BOOTY stops. really. i've had it the past 48 hours and im almost in tears. i cant decide whether or not i should lather it in more icyhot till its numb or just man up and sit it out. TMI? not sorry.

needing to: exercize more. (30 day shred started today, snitches)

wish: ...i had a million dollars. hot dogggg!

love that: christmas is right around the corner.

tis the season.


MissyJEE said...

Oh Martha! Oh CHRISTHmasth!

brittyd said...

hahaha I laughed so hard when I saw the last picture. "I. HATE. CWISSMASS!" Despite his green skin and the fact that he is eight years old and has a beard...he's just so cute! I wanna pinch those chubby green cheeks!
I am so jealous that you get to go to DinnyLand. LUCKY.