Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Little Big Book of Love

New for my bookshelf as of today...
 'The Little Big Book of Love'
...which i HIGHLY recommend for the  hopeless romantic pathetic person.. or anyone who just loves wonderfulness. i've been wanting it for ages since i saw it on a blog i stalk. its full exerpts from favs like: Pride and Prejudice, famous sonnets from William Shakespeare (win), and my most favoritest Jane Eyre (I'm naming my daughter after her fyi)

Its also full of of love letters from couples like John and Abigail adams, Winston and Clemintine Churchill, Napoleon and Josephine and much more.
Men back then were so.. classy.

Anyone who knows me just knows that i eat this crap up!!!
 Seriously, go buy it ladies.
(christy, i recommend this for YOU to read while crippled from your surgery. bless you.)

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Christy Marie said...

whoot whoot! official shout out. I'm honored..and I'll borrow that little gem as soon as your done with it