Wednesday, February 10, 2010


#79 on my list of things to do before I die:
Get told a dirty joke by an old person.
Too dirty to post on blogosphere? yes.
Was she an 86 year old temple worker? yes.
Did I go into shock because those filthy words came out of her mouth? yes.

As i walked into the retirement home a few minutes late last night,
i noticed that the director was no where to be found. hmm.
i went upstairs to go see if the residents had already started their activity...
when all of a sudden i heard some very loud whooping and haa-ing
coming from the ancients a floor above me. what on earth?
this did not sound like they were making valentines.
I walked in, and what do i see?

Petunia had all the residents sit around her in a semi-circle
and she was doing stand up comedy while everyone was waiting
for the director to get there with our craft supplies.
Dirty stand up comedy, mind you. Shockingly dirty.
My jaw literally dropped and all i could think was..
is this real life?

So, the rest of the night consisted of:
making valentines, flower pens, telling awful jokes.
What a perfect tuesday. Seriously.

Thank you for checking off the first thing on my list,
you mean ol cuss you.
Till next week.


Lucy said...

oh its not too dirty for the blog world! just put a star inbetween a few of the bad words :)

Dallas and Amylee said...

I love it when people get old (or drunk) and lose their inhibitions. Maybe not so much the drunk thing, but the inhibitions thing for sure.

itsjustmom said...

PLEASE don't let me do that when I get old and senile. And if I do, PLEASE PLEASE don't put it on the internet for the world to see!!!