Saturday, February 13, 2010


Love Pictures, Images and Photos

Maybe i stayed up a ll night reading Nie.
Maybe i'm a teensy bit baby hungry and hope to make sillhuettes for my kids just like Nie.
Maybe i woke up and had M&M's for breakfast. mmm.
Maybe i slept on my valentines pillow case last night my mom made for me.
Maybe she came in to wake me up and predicted who i was going to marry just for fun.
Maybe i spent my afternoon laying in my parents bed watching a lifetime movie with my little sister.
Maybe its three oclock and I'm still wearing her tie-dye night shirt and donut pj pants.
Maybe we decided if our family was a movie, it definitely would be Pride and Prejudice.
Maybe we decided Jackie would be Jane and
Georgie would be Mr. Bingly.
Maybe we fought over who would get to be lizzy.
Maybe i love that our family loves holidays.
Maybe i'm super excited for our valentines socks we get every year from our momma.
Maybe i love that she is wearing the heart necklace my dad got her for christmas.
Maybe i love that my dad had flowers delivered to our house for her too.
you cute dad you.
Maybe i'm even more excited that we are most likely going to devour valentines candy tonight in the wee hours of the morning.
Maybe i'm excited that its my ugly dog's birthday tomorrow.
Maybe i have a date tonight.
Maybe i don't hate this holiday so much.
(even though i'm technically valentine-less.)


Tami said...

I AM TOTALLY LIZZY! Second born, bookish, sassy, and brunette. Beat that! PS I love our family too.

MissyJEE said...

maybe i totally love you.

no, definitely i totally love you.

olivia Buckley said...

maybe your blog is SUPER cute and i love the new changes! now you have to make my cupcake blog cute!
maybe i miss you. :( come back to me soon.
maybe i cleaned my room. and tomorrow i'm organizing it... don't have a heart-attack.

Rachel Nell said...

Will you be MY valentine?

cole linnae said...