Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy groundhogs day

today we volunteered at williamsburg retirement home and we just played a little game with them... i was told by one nice old lady that she 'liked my looks' and wants to set me up with her grandson who apparently is a banker in oregon with 'beautiful black hair and black eyes'. she insisted i give her my address so he could contact me....somehow i managed to escape without giving in. i told her i'd give it to her next week and i'm praying she'll forget.

also, as we were leaving the activity..i grabbed an extra reeses because the director told us to. good deal, right? This fiesty old lady who is so sassy (and she was the one who would always yell at me when i didnt call her bingo numbers..) she said, "you better watch your weight, its all goin to your hips!"

fail. funny, but fail.

happy groundhogs day. even though hes only right 39% of the time. (i googled it.)


Lucy said...

Hey. Her grandson could be one heck of a hottie. You could be missing out!

brittyd said...

Nicoley!! Oh man, I just love your blog. You are hilarious. I kinda suck at blogging but hopefully i'll start doing better. You've inspired me.