Monday, February 15, 2010

problem solved.

haters gonna hate Pictures, Images and Photos
Lately my little sister has been having girl drama in her life.

Bless her heart.
I've had girl drama in my life since the 4th grade.
and its awful
and vicious.
Sorry chelley. Chin up.
I asked my cousin who was in the room with me if she ever had girl drama in highschool..and she just said well yeah, but..
"I would just go make out with their boyfriends to get back at them."
i say go for it.
(dont tell mom i said that.)


Lindsi said...

HAHA dont listen to anything I say. I'm totally okay with stooping lower than biatches but I wouldn't advise people to do the same.

Tami said...

That 'haters gonna hate' animation is one of my favorite things on the internet. Seriously. Poor Chelle.