Thursday, February 18, 2010

accio best friend

I woke up this morning to this text:

it was the greatest ever.

We then talked about where we should go for spring break. Our conversation we had today was one of the ones that lasted all day, and at random intervals i'd bust up laughing in the library and/or on the bus. Here's a snippet from today. I just think ryans great. Everyone needs a friend like him.

Me: Neverland? Everything would be taken care of. There are clouds we could sleep on.. And we could swim with mermaids and stuff.
Ry: What about Captain Hook?
Me: Oh I took care of it. I sent an e-mail telling him he was accepted to The Tool Academy on MTV so he'd be MIA outta neverland for a while. Perfect, right?
Ry: Well, we could always do Narnia.
Me: Frick, my closet is broken. Hows yours?
Ry:I havent tried it in a while, but it should be fine.
Me: I've got it. Gryffindor Tower. Hop on your broomstick.
Ry: How'd you get that hookup!?!?
Me: Didn't you know? My Grandma is cousins with McGonagall.
Ry: Shut the corridor!! I'll meet you at The Fat Lady, sweet cheeks!

He definitely makes me rofl.

oh. i love my best mate ry and our awkward obsession with HP..

time to sleep. lights out. accio sweet dreams.


Brooke Shoko said...

who doesn't love a good ryan snow?

this post was great.

Tami said...

I love this post. Also, I am confused because I thought you were dating him and you broke up. Why does no one tell me anything!?

cole linnae said...

hahahah negative we never dated. just BFFFFFF

Tami said...

ohhhh gotcha. You should date him then. He's a looker.