Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Lady GaGa

So.. i went to go volunteer at the animal shelter with some friends yesterday.

You know.. walk dogs and stuff.

Play with em before they go to the big doggie playground in the sky.

Christy and Alvin are going to think twice before they invite me again.

I came home with this little precious thing. She is six weeks.

Half jack russell.

Half who-knows-what.

(Word on the street is that her mother got around town.)

She was the child of a harlot.

Poor little baby was an ACCIDENT.

She just looked so cold and lonely at the pound :(

All her brothers and sisters got adopted but her.

I hope i can keep this little nugget.

If my idiot dog ozzie tries to eat her for dinner though..

She has to go back. boooo.

look at her prance! prance prance prance.

dont you just wanna kiss her!?!?

ps. sorry i got a dog, dad. :)


Michelle said...

hahahahaha Nicole!!! You crack me up!!! Once I got a cat from Wal-Mart.. Kristin hated it... so we got rid of it!

itsjustmom said...


Lindsi said...

OMG i cant wait to meet her!! Im going to call her RaRa. and Ill sing it like her namesake

itsjustmom said...