Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Friday

3 A.M.
What else is new?

I feverishly consumed 2 reeses eggs and 1 cadbury creame egg today in my truck right after i put my last bag of groceries in. WHAT. Nadeene has been visiting lately no matter how much turbo jam i try to fit in with heather. (My roommate/bff works out everyday. bless her heart. i only last like 5-7 minutes when i try...and trying consists of taking a break every other minute and sitting on my floor pretending to do the work out with her. Go heath.) (ps. she just got engaged. holla.)

I'm a freakin creep. i stalk a few certain little blogs everyday. waste of time? sure. do i care? no.

also, i've been stalking photo blogs lately. like tumbler and i can read. and crap like that. its kewl. makes me excited for when i buy my new camera! cross your fingers that i'll have the guts to spend that many bones on one single item. Worth it? i hope. I'll use it to take pictures for years and years, right? like of my future babies and stuff? i mean like.. when i have them. haha.

I've been playin so much Mario Kart lately that on my drive home to kaysville today, I imagined hitting the car infront of me with a red shell. And then i wished for a golden mushroom and maybe a lightning bolt so i could get there before i fell asleep. Get a life you say? Nah. I already have an infinite amount of lives on Mario Kart. Send all the shells you'd like, biznatches. The ladies of apt 6c are gamers.

My sister saw my little book of mormon quote tab on my igoogle today. she asked me what it was for. i said it was so i could get to heaven. she informed me i need alot more than a google tab to get to heaven. touche sister, touche.
This week i volunteered at the crisis nursery. little baby had 2 little seizures when i was with him. he smelled. not like a baby smell. not like poopy diapers or spit up or anything. like... baby needs to be bathed smell. Made my heart ache a bit.

Also at the crisis nursery, i asked one little boy if he remembered my name. he said in the deepest bully voice he could muster, "Uh, don't know, don't care!" I laughed. Hard.

I made a little speedway ramp for one of the toddlers out of traintracks and diaper bags so he could race his cars on them. i loved how when he would push his car down the ramp, he'd say, "FIRE!"

Then another worker asked me if i had brothers growing up because i had so many good ideas to entertain this little boy. HA.

In my Social Work 2100 class today, the guest speaker (an old professor) started crying when he was talking about how he loves to help people. It made my heart glad.

We also talked about helping our future clients find their Niche in society. A niche is pretty much where you fit in relative to your surroundings. So, my goal is to find my niche.

I know its definitely not in STATS 1040 cuz i am 99% out of 100% positive that it is relatively likely i bombed the quiz today along with the other 50% of the class that sleeps at random intervals during Docta Cutlah's lectures. Following the normal curve, of course.

I talked to this boy about a recent upset i had. He said something that i loved. He said that when he gets in situations like that, like heartbreak, he has to move on or else he's damned. literally. He can't progress in life if he is stuck in the past. And progression is what its all about, duh. Made me wanna not waste my time on wishing for things that should be unwishable.

Happy Friday
(this picture made me happy)


Brooke Shoko said...

you have adele cutler for stats? isn't she great ha :)
happy friday to you as well.

Kristin May said...

I love your blog. And all my friends at work stalk you. Because they think you are funny. k love you bye!

Lucy said...

Haha your post's always make me laugh. Spending money on a nice camera is TOTALLY worth it! But its beginning to be a expensive habbit.. I would recommend going to a speciality store that sells nice camera's, and ask the guy all about them and one that would fit you, then just go to walmart or sams club and buy it. That will save you at least 300 dollars. Walmart has profesional memory cards and a bag to keep your camera in too. (I recommend you get a automatic/manual lens) You'll love it you should totally get one!

MissyJEE said...

i love you so so so so so so much.
just so you know.

also....there are periods of time in my life that i really wish we were allowed to bump into other cars and turn tighter around corners so i can get a blue flame boost.

Christy Marie said...

I liked this. I love YOU! The part about mariokart gave me a shake fit. Ohhhh Nicole, you're my funniest friend. 6C is much less hilarious when you're gone. come home to us.

brittyd said...

Docta Cutla! Find the "area-r!" What the crap is an arear? Maybe that's why I failed the midterm...perfect.