Sunday, March 28, 2010

hare krishna + hide and seek

  • Drove down to provo.

  • Jammed out to MJ and Buble.

  • Enjoyed the Festival of Colors. I'm so collegey.

  • Enjoyed even more that I get 50 points for writing a paper on a huge chalk fight for my 'religious diversity experience'...

  • Enjoyed most of all when the leader announced over the loud speaker in his thick, indian accent, "Yes, crowd surf! We like that!"

  • Was livin on a prayer, but good ol' one eyed willey the saturn made it home...only died twice on me. (Thanks tay for volunteering to drive with me so your manly assistance would be available if needed...)


  • We went to a bonfire and ate hot dogs and smores. mmmm.

  • Jumped on the tramp like it aint no thing. (don't worry mom. didn't get hurt this time.)

  • Played truth or dare, elementary style.

  • Came home and played a few solid rounds of Mario Kart. Murdered everyone on Koopa Troopa Beach.

  • Headed to the empty, dark, scary TSC for a game of sardines. My friend's cousin locks up there everynight... soooo imagine a massive game of hide and seek in a massive, dark building. it was awesome.

  • Saw the tunnel under the TSC where Freddy Crougar lives. Creepy little boiler room that will be in my nightmares tonight. Its fine.

  • Got on the roof and had an awesome view of logan.

I'm loving college weekends as of late.

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brittyd said...

okay, um, sardines? At night? In the TSC??? What the?? I am SOO in next time! I LIVE for nightgames.