Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Maybe i left school in a rush today to make my way over the the animal shelter.
Maybe I got my Lady back.
Maybe the woman at the shelter wanted to personally euthinize me because i was back for the 3rd time in one week.


Go ahead you mean, mean woman.

You know what i think?

You look like a man. Thats why you work at the pound. THERE. i said it.

There is little Lady!!!

She is super sick though. :(

That frickin animal shelter.

Metal cages no more, Lady!

Bless my mom's heart for being a softy and texting me in stats today...

"I looked up her picture on the humane society, and she just looks so sad. I can't stand the thought of her sleeping in that metal cage with no blankets..."



Lucy said...

Wait! What??? You got her back?!

brittyd said...

ye-ah babay! You gotta Lady GaGa BACK. I love that cute little puppy! (Even if she did throw up a little on my jacket.I don't blame her one bit.) :)

The Lonely Boy said...

I cannot wait until we get our own place together. Plus Lady.

Rachel Nell said...

I just cheered out loud. I knew you and that dog were meant to be.

Tami said...

The saga of Lady. I hope she is still living with us when I come down next weekend.

Tami said...

Also. Lady is probably the most confused dog ever. You'll need to bond with her alot so she knows that you won't leave her again.

Natalee Falk said...

You know what I think? I think you look like a man! I just LOVE your sayings.. and when you say "Blast". I love that too. They're Nicoleisms