Thursday, March 4, 2010


So...we took a test in stats.
I got a 59. out of 100. omg.

in my Social Work theory class...
I got 31. out of 32. giggity giggity goo!

So that means im not completely stupid, right? I average out like..
a c+ student testwise, right?
Whatever. As long as i pass college.

p.s. I apply for my SW program tomorrow.
If all goes as planned.. I'll be accepted in May. Start up in the fall.
Graduate with a BSW in spring of 2012.
And attend the 1-year masters program the following year. SO.
By the time i'm 23...I'll have my Masters.
Cross your fingers.

Hey MAYBE i'll have a Mr. by then.

Happy thursday!
Go bask in Logan Springtime.
Its 40 degrees outside.
I smell SUMMER.


itsjustmom said...

Wow sounds grea!( That Picture looks like you at Glenmoor oh about 15 years ago. ha ha0

Tami said...

I was thinking that exact same thing about the picture! Also, don't worry about it. Stats was created so that every student, regardless of major, would feel stupid sometimes.

Its a fact.