Sunday, March 28, 2010

one million and one.

You know when you have those days where you feel like a million bucks?

I had one of those today.


-rocked my red dress i got from H&M.
-bore my testimony in church even though i sounded like a smoker.
(due to my cold)
-wrote a missionary a long-awaited letter.
-didn't even cringe when a certain someone walked in my front door. (hooray)
-had a fiesta pot luck with the SD crew. (thanks to OLIVIA)
-nommed on oreo cupcakes
-listened to some great acoustic guitar.(i only like it when people who play know how to sing. if they dont, i imagine punching them in the face. but yes, tonight some people knew how to sing. so no brawls broke out)
-layed around for hours in our church clothes not knowing what time it was.
-talked to an old friend that i often miss.
-suddenly remembered that i'm going to BUBLE in 2 days!!! (MASSIVE SWOON)
-realized how blessed i am and the impact that the gospel has in my life.
-had just a delightful sabbath.

i was thinking how content i've been the past couple days.
and then i realized that i have some amazing people in my life.
and thats the only thing that made everything on that list super awesome.
i'm really lucky to have people in my life who share the same standards, and even share some of the same trials i have.
i'm blessed and for some reason i'm barely seeing just how blessed i am.
so with that realization, i felt like a million and one bucks today.

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livvy said...

you are AMAZING!! :) I'm so lucky to have you as a roommate. LOVE YOU!