Tuesday, March 23, 2010

quote of the day

"Man. Only at taco tuesday could you run into all three of your ex's."


Right after i hugged my friend and told her the perfume she was wearing smelled fantastic..a strange looking man with a leather jacket, yellow shirt and hairy chest stepped infront of me..

"Will you smell me?"
taken aback but without a beat i replied..
"Sorry? I dont think thats going to happen. Please step aside."
afterwards i looked at him and creepily giggled at how odd that scene was.

Today was strange. oh so strange.
ps. i miss seeing random storks fly overhead like we did in san diego on the beach.
and i miss that whenever we would see one, we'd say, "look, a baby is being born!"
or even better, when they came in pairs or even threes, we would excitedly announce that someone somewhere was having twins or even triplets!
once, one of the storks changed paths and left the group of other storks.
as twisted as it was, when we announced, "whoops, miscarriage.."
it seemed appropriate to laugh.
i miss SD and the immaturity of spring break already and i havent even been home for a week. crap.

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Brooke Shoko said...

ah nicole you are TOO sweet....

and about _____. hahahahah TOO funny. weird as it was, a highlight of the night.