Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sandy Eggo: Fact and Fiction

Fact: I'm in love with southern california, the SD temple, and beach houses on mission bay.
Fiction: I enjoy falling asleep for hours on the beach after i take benedryl. {FAIL.}
Fact: Riding beach cruisers and playing sand volleyball give me extra serotonin.
Fiction: Sleeping with a sunburn keeps you toasty at night.
Fact: I did a fist pump when i saw whales at La Jolla, just like on Free Willy.
Fiction: Persians don't know how to party.
Fact: I face planted into the ocean while running like a baywatch babe.
Fiction: I think tools are super awsome.
Fact: Seaweed makes for hilarious tails.
Fiction: Sand still gets in all sorts of places even with a wet suit on.
Fact: I completed # 37 on my list. Bonfire on the beach.
Fiction: Old Town and salsa dancing is overrated.
Fact: Screaming "SPRANG BREAK!" doesn't get old when you're immature and in college.
Fiction: Sharing a beach house with boys was super tidy and smelled great.
Fact: I wanted to kick the pole dancers we saw at the casino in the face.
Fiction: St. Patty's day drunks are just like any other normal drunks.
Fact: Maybe i'm in love with the fountain show at the Belaggio.
Fiction: Mormons shun you when you show up raggedy to church. (SO fiction.)
Fact: I broke my camera and then fixed it with a blow dryer.
Fiction: I totally used shampoo on a regular basis.
Fact: My new found love is San Diego.


MissyJEE said...

i can sincerely say that my utter joy at your experience surpassed my jealousy to the point that i want to hug you instead of make a frowny face that i had three tests and four papers last week.

Kayla said...

It looks like you had so much fun. San Diego is on my "trips to go on" list. I'm hoping to go sooner than later especially after these pics!

Brooke Shoko said...

love this.