Monday, March 8, 2010

spring break and also..

so, spring break is in 3 days. thank heavens. i can't tell you how bad i need a beach.

and how badly i need to be away from studying about genetics and statistics and probability and bla bla bla bla. a bunch of us all chipped in and we are renting a beach house in san diego for the week. how sweet is that? super collegey, right? we are stayin in st geezy the first night. then drivin to san diego and staying there for 6 days. then i think we are hittin up vegas on the way back! i've never been on a spring break trip before. so, i'm thuper duper excited. i was hoping i'd have a nice camera by then...but alas, the money fairy swooped into my zions account and kifed a few hundred. dunno where she went with it...but its gone. blast.

so, roadtrip here i come!

friends of the elderly was funny this week. We played bingo. and yes, i was the bingo caller. I asked lavonn if she'd be there next week..and she informed me.. "yes, unless i'm lucky and i die." oh bless her heart.

Lady is fine. back in ktown with my mom. being vicious.

we went to the driving range today. i'm awful. but liv and kris are good.

can i just tell you how wonderful my roommate/bff olivia is? I've been strugging with some things.. and i had an awful day/night and i came home from the grocery store to this:

yes there was dr. pepper, jelly beans, coloring book, sodoku book, a book of wonderful quotes, and yes the bottom of the bucket was full of reeses eggs. she knows me too well. :) she is wonderful. and so loving and such a good friend. aren't i so lucky to have such good friends? I'm so lucky to live with liv and chris and heath. :)


Lucy said...

Oh how sweet of her!! Have fun on your trip i'm jealous!!

Brooke Shoko said...

girl. looks like we have the same spring break plans. yay for the beachhhhh!

Tami said...

Awwwww. Dr Pepper and reese's eggs are all you need in life.