Wednesday, May 23, 2012

bahamas adventure+ HP land: in pictures



Vacay was great.

-this was the best snorkeling i have ever done! we went wayyyy deep and saw the most amazing fish. on our swim pack into the private beach..we saw a real live HUGE barracuda...almost peed in the water. (well...on accident i almost peed...the second time.) I told the nice bahamian guide what we saw, and he said, 'ah don worry about them man. it be too busy to bother ya!' and i said...'IT ALMOST ATE US'

-sketchy taxi's in the bahamas are EVERYWHERE. i'm surprised we are all still living.

-i bought so much crap from pushy vendors at the straw market...and was promised 'blessins if ya buy from me here, da widow'. HOW COULD I SAY NO?!

-me, sum, sarah and em had a way fun time on the cruise, even though we were the ONLY sober people onboard. lulz.  i learned that drunk people LOVE cruises. drunk people and couples. and gay cruise staff.

-i successfully learned how to immitated our housekeeper on the ship who was from bombay....his name was Anthony, but his voice was the spitting image (sound?) of King Julian from Madagascar. rofl.

-we. ate. NONSTOP. omnomnomnom

-HP land was great but a lot smaller than i imagined. only 3 rides! but it was everything i dreamed it would be. me and the girls went to the other little theme parks in universal and that was fun...until i blacked out on the hulk ride. TOO MANY LOOPDYS!

-im very glad to be home.

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