Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nanny diaries- Triplets

more than you EVER wanted to know about being a nanny for triplets.

seriously guys, this is my life. ready go:

11:30 arrive, morning nanny is putting the three boys down for their nap. usually one is asleep, one is crying, and one is still drinking their bottle. morning nanny peaces out.

12:00...listen to coos, baby screams, baby snores.

12:15 take dirty baby laundry down 2 flights of stairs to the a new load and dry the old load.

12:30 upstairs- wash 3 bottles, do a load of dishes. take out 3 new bottles for afternoon feeding

12:45 babies finally sound asleep. sit on couch and experience peace for 15 minutes. shoo away their blind and deaf dog 'keller'

1:00 switch laundry load, fold dried laundry.

1:15 unload the dishwasher- get burned on spoons and plates since they are still burning hot

1:30 parker starts to scream, georgie starts to say 'mamamamama'

1:35 run down to get more laundry out- fold before the boys wake up

1:40 parker is screaming bloody murder. take laundry upstairs quietly.

1:41 open nursery doors and kiss a smiling george, and a snot nosed, screaming parker on the head

1:42 edison is fast asleep still

1:43 take parker out, wipe his nose, his eyes, and his butt. diaper change #1

1:45. put parker by his toys, get georgie out of crib. change georgie. diaper change #2

1:47 shut nursery doors, let edison sleep longer. place georgie by parker

1:50 play with happy george and happy parker.

2:00 put laundry away with boys grabbing me every 5 seconds

2:05 "having twins is a BREEZE"

2:10 parker 'vaccuuming' with his toy vacuum

2:15 georgie eating lint off the carpet, ripping his ABC book.

2:17 me chasing both boys and playing airplane. baby talk overload. drool all over my pants, george chewing on my knee.

2:20 go in nursery to check on edison. eyes wide open, happy boy. kiss him on the head.

2:21 turn on the light, get edison out of crib. diaper change #3. george and parker storm the nursery, start throwing shoes, pulling cords and hitting my legs

2:25 corral boys out of nursery. do edisons massage and physical therapy for his cerebral palsy. keep georgie from hitting edison.

2:30 parker is throwing books and trying to whistle. smiles and giggles.

2:35 put edison down, work with him on his tracking and coordination.

2:40 boys are getting cranky. george keeps climbing over edison and parker. parker keeps stealing edisons toys.

2:42 nanny nicole throws some 'puffs' (flavored cheerios) onto the carpet. nom nom nom.

2:55 place edison in boppy, run downstairs to get bottles

3:00. parker and georgie screaming child abandonment. get 3 bottles... 2 with 6 oz of formula, 1 bottle with 4 oz juice 2 oz water. warm bottles. shake bottles. run upstairs with three bottles. wonder why im sweating and panting.

3:03 "i didnt leave you, you babies!!!!"

3:04 lay edison down, juice bottle.

3:05 lay parker down, milk bottle

3:06 lay georgie down, milk bottle

3:07 rotate bottles between boys for the next 10 min

3:08 pick up toys, tidy up.

3:10 put bottle back in edisons mouth, stop george from stealing edisons juice

3:12 parker is happily pouring his bottle all over the carpet

3:13 george is done first, tries stealing both bottles like a boss. climbs on me, pulling my hair and smacking my face. baby drool all over me.

3:14 parker is done, starts pushing his bottle around the room like a car.

3:15 nicole takes 2 empty bottles and puts them up. guard edison so he finishes without being jumped by greedy one year olds.

3:20 read a few books to parker and george to keep them busy

3:25 edison finishes. work with him on sitting up by himself. he spits up. baby vomit now on my shirt.

3:30 i find myself reading the same book about koalas for the 5th time. so much baby talk by now. rock edison in the rocking chair.

3:35 diaper change for all- #4 #5 #6. #5 was stinky and #6 was a dooooozy. try to not vomit.

3:40 put edison in jumper, collect 3 empty bottles, run down to the outside garbage with poopy diapers. bleh.

3:41 parker screaming abandonment. put 3 bottles in dishwasher.

3:42 run back upstairs. put all the boys pants on (pants arent worth it with all the diaper changing)

3:45 bring edison downstairs to the triple stroller.

3:47 bring georgie down to the triple stroller. strap him in.

3:49 bring parker down to the triple stroller. gerogie is standing UP and laughing.

3:52 secure parker and george firmly in their seats. grab sun hats, put them on.

3:53 lather all boys up with baby sunscreen. parker is screaming. hats already off.

3:55 im sweating, and finally out the door with my triple stroller. the boys are quiet.

4:00 edison quietly sits, george hangs his head and arm out the side, and parker lays down sideways.

4:05 i walk. it doesnt matter where. anywhere. school kids pass me. cars stop and stare at the young girl with all the babies.

4:15 five blocks later, i turn around. parker is asleep. ive probably been talking to myself the whole walk. i text my mom.

4:20 i walk home, very slowly. snap a few pictures of my cute boys. walk some more.

4:30 we are home. they are tired. one by one i take them out. two in jumpers, one in a crib

4:45 diaper change #7 mistaknly thought it was a doozy...change anyway.

4:50 bring boys upstairs, one by one. parker screams abandonment.

4:55 finally all upstairs. im sweating. baby tears and snot on my shirt from comforting. the boys are playing with books and toys.

5:00 boys faces light up when they hear their mom walking up the stairs.

5:05 clean up toys, leave my boys. take trash out on the way down.

and thats only 6 hours of having 3 one year olds.
imagine 18 years worth of that, folks!!

glamorous life, eh?


Liz said...

Wow - I was a nanny for twins for awhile and I thought that was rough. Triplets sounds 20xs as hard. :-) They are adorable though.

Robby Spratt said...

Remind me to never have kids...

Jo said...


Tami said...

This made me giggle so hard. Oh, the joys of doozy diapers and baby snot. And 'screaming abandonment.' LOL.

Rachel Nell said...

So funny. At least you don't have to cook dinner!