Monday, May 7, 2012

Hear Ye...Hear Ye..

I got a college diploma!!!!!
I was crossin my fingers to get a highschool diploma under my you can imagine how surprised I was when I actually graduated from college.
(At 22! On track and everything. That never happens for me guys!)

Graduation day was a good day. So grateful for the friends and family I had there to support me!
And especially grateful for all the people who have been there with me through it all. A few college memories i will never forget from the past four years with my lovies are..

  • gorilla costume escapades with Meg at snow hall, where we laughed so hard while chasing unsuspecting residents
  • When Christy called me from Iowa and cried with me for an hour straight the night i found out my mom had cancer
  • When Livvy bought me flowers, a coloring book, dr pepper and reeses when the cancer scare came back a year later
  • the ladies of 6C for those Mario marathons we all so desperately needed
  • the numerous supportive and wise texts from my mom after i got my heart broken by MULTIPLE boys...
  • SD crew and our Sunday pot lucks
  • my entire family for cheering me on when i felt like dropping out of school
  • brookie, chris, heather, sum, laur, bunting, britty, and the falks for always caring for me
  • my SW bffs..morg and kenz for keeping me sane through 7:30 AM seminar
  • The hours of television watching, crying, chick flicks, impersonations and laughing till my guts hurt with my bestie Ryan Shipley Snow
  • the hours of animal planet marathons with D22
  • that DANG drive i made so many times through the canyon and all the miles i put on Billy and Willy
  • all my old friends i got to know and love @ Williamsburg and the countless hours spent planning those dang activities
  • putting my raft in first dam and sunbathing & fishing
  • countless painfully awkward blind dates
  • Dr. Di for making me graduate when i wanted to drop out last year after my massive heartbreak
  • the words of advice & blessings from various church leaders in times of need
  • all the nights i cried on my moms bed when i was discouraged and the words of encouragement she always gives
  • my dad hugging me before i'd drive back to school and tell me each time how proud he was of me

So long college...
I'll forever be an Aggie!!


Robby Spratt said...

Congratulations! College is hard, but it is totally worth it! I can't wait to hear about all the fun you will have once you move to SLC and get an awesome job!

Ryan said...

Love it

Summer said...

congratulations to you my dearest! yayayaya we are so done...for awhile anyway! time to soak up some sun on the beach in the bahamasssss!