Friday, May 25, 2012

The Civil Wars concert & being "That Girl"

once upon a time, i didnt have a ticket to the civil wars.
but then the day of the concert, my friend sold hers, so i did.
and i went and met up with these cuties. and it was AWESOMEEEEEE.

their voices are SO amazing. ah. we were way close to the stage and the concert was soooo chill! im never going to a concert that isnt 21+ ever again. (even though there were no drunk teenagers, there WERE sexually active 60 year old couples who were making out all over the place, and that put a damper on things. i will forever have that image engrained into my brain..)

ah. things were going beautifully.

heres where it gets funny:
after standing around for a tummy started to hurt really bad. like...PAINFULLY hurting. but i thought i'd stick it out since they hadn't even played 'poison and wine' yet. and then all of a sudden, i realized i was about to puke on all of my fellow concert goers that were surrounding me. "OH SHOOOOOOT". this was going to be embarrassing. imma bout to upchuck panda express over ERRYONE. panic. panic. panic. sweaty palms. sweaty forehead. panic.

while holding back the urge to puke that i knew was coming, i shoved my way through the crowd towards the back. i remember putting my hand on my friends shoulder...and then i started blacking out. i was touching random people, trying to not fall down. i was losing my hearing, and my vision was absolutely GONE...but i was still concious. i remember saying "i hehhh...ugh. passs.out ..fhdskajhd...i..." After stumbling a few feet into the crowd, i heard someone say, 'uh...theres a table here, can you go around?' i must have DRUNKEDLY ran into someones table. but oh wait, i wasnt drunk NOR roofied, but everyone thought i was. i was just very slowly going unconcious.

the next thing i remember was i was on the floor. i dont know how long i was passed out for, but woke up with tears running down my face. i heard someone say. "oh my gosh, is that girl okay!?" lulzzzzz.

the nicest lesbian in the history of the world came to my rescue to check on me.
there i was, with tears running down my face, collapsed on the ground, and she looked at me like i'd been given a date rape drug. everyone thought i was 'THAT GIRL' at the concert. she gave me water, and i embarrassedly drank it right up, shakin like a leaf. she looked at me and said, "dont worry sweetie, youre in a safe place" as if i was running away from my rapist who had just given me a roofie.

 its actually quite funny now.

i enjoyed the rest of the concert sitting down with my darling friends who came to my rescue... fully hydrated.
twas a bit hilarious.

and dont worry, i regained conciousness for 'poison and wine' :)

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Summer said...

holy moly!! what was wrong with you? You didn't accept any drinks from strangers did you? are you okay now? that is you looked freaking adorable!