Friday, April 2, 2010

bad day turned magical..

I started tearing up in my stats class during the test review yesterday.
I knew there was no way i'd pass the final the next day, especially since i had zero time to study.
I averted my eyes from my teacher and rushed out the door, walked to the parking lot in the snow, got in my car and called my mom. Tears poured outta my sorry little eyeballs.
Snot was running all over my face and my voice was plugged with my head cold.
I pressed "2" and a quick "send"..dear ol mommys speed dial number.
"b-b-b-u-t if i fail i won't get into my program and.. and.."
She asked if it would be better if i stayed and logan and missed the long awaited Michael Buble concert so i could study and pass.
I glared at the cars around me looking at me wiping the snot and tears off my face.
"It's just allergies alright!?!? Its allergies!!" (yes, bsc reference)
I tried to send the staring bystanders gamma rays of hate via my pathetic tear-stare.

I got back to my apartment, only to find out that not only was i going to fail my first college class ever, but also that my ex, boy (a), had been double timin it the whole time a few months back.
wanna know how i found out?
A certain 'homewrecker' (lets call her, trixie) was bragging to my best friend that she was the one who broke up "boy (a) and 'wifey' (me)" and that boy(a) left his beloved 'wifey' for his beloved 'trixie' and 'trixie' and boy(a) still have a running joke about wifey to this day.
And yes, in case you were wondering, i was completely oblivious to the whole situation.
oh ps NBD that i find out that boy (b) who has been currently on my mind has his mind currently on something else. right infront of me. that is blonde. and probably brunette. and probably a few red heads here and there because thats just what boy (b) likes to do.
double awesome.
what else could go wrong!? what i ask you?!
i arrived at the E center with a sad little heart and weepy eyes. cry cry cry.

but then...


oh that sweet voice of his soothed my soul.
i couldnt believe that it was him
and i was in the same room with him.
(the rest of the 10,000 people didnt matter)
he was singing TO ME.
i've only been obsessed with him for about 3 years now.
(like, i listen-to-him-everyday-and-imagine-kissing-him-obsessed.)
and then..he sang billy jean. and danced like MJ.

could this be any better?

my two favorite things in the world. together.
all i needed was a reeses and i'd be slap happy.
i soon forgot about statistics, trixie, boy(a) and boy(b).
how could i dwell on my awful day with this beautiful hunk of jazz man singing to me!?
I couldnt help but clapping like the crazed Wonder's fan on 'That Thing You Do'.

and then.. i imagined jumping over the railing and doing a jacob-esque landing 12 feet below, bum rushing the guards, and sneakily making my way up to Michael so that he could hold my hand and sing into my eyes and ask me to be his. (#26 on the list)
i probably imagined it 5 or 6 whole times while he sang 'best of me' and gazed into my eyes through that big jumbotron.

next time buble, next time.

at the end of his dancing and wooing and all of the women in the crowd swooning and drooling at him...he sang the last song without his mic.. and 10,000 people were dead silent.

it was amazing.

....and then Michael made an announcement that he wanted to marry me and he asked for my hand right then and there and everyone was super jealous and i blushed and it was magical.

the end. bye.

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Dave Lucy & Marley Gurney said...

If you ask me it sounds like you lucked out! (on the whole boy/ass situation) This same thing happened to me before I met Dave, I was so upset and felt like crap. Now I just look back and think eww what the heck was I thinking?? If I would of been with them my life would of been hell. Now that I understand how hard marriage can be and how important it is to have a great partner to be by your side through all of it, instead of a jack ass who would of made it ten times worse...
Trust me, I know it doesn't seem like it but you lucked out!
also, that trixie girl is a real idiot, if he did it once he'll do it for life! Karma's a bizatch :)