Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hey..America called, wondering where all their talent went?

this is insane. watch all of it.
MAN. darn you china.
always one graceful, limbery step ahead of us.

frick. operation starvation is in play now, fellas.
not that i wanna be skinny enough to stand on top of some mans head and not give him a concussion and/or break his neck, but man!!!
say goodbye to my theighs. this is my motivation!
every morning im gonna get up, look in the mirror and say to myself,
"be a skinny swan lady. BE A SKINNY SWAN LADY!!!"

p.s... anyone creeped out by second :46?


Tami said...

That is absolutely INSANE! I wish I had mad balancing skills.

Lauren Brown said...

youre kidding me. this is UNREAAAALLL!!!! and yes, :46 is definitely disturbing. bahahahahaha. and you dont want to be as skinny as that swan lady. your curves are DE-LISH.

Rachel Nell said...

Holy crap! She's like freakin Elastigirl! It should not be humanly possible to touch your nose to your shin. This is freaky weird.

P.S. If you ever get as skinny as swan lady, I will snap you in half and force feed you donuts while you recover. Embrace your birthing hips!