Friday, April 16, 2010

i have confidence in sprinnnnnngtime

there is this family guy clip of stewie griffin dressed up as 'maria' from the sound of music.. and he is frollicking down a sidewalk singing, "i have confidence in springtimmmme..." so whenever spring comes around, i think of stewie as julia andrews. its wonderful. sometimes i'll just burst into a stewie griffin accent when im walking on the sidewalk and the sun is shining.

maybe you just have to see it to think its funny. whatever.
that is why i have been MIA for a while.

cuz im so durn busy havin fun in my last weeks of school!


and fun things happen in springtime. and kids wear shorts and flip flops when we get a glimpse of sunshine here at USU. 60 degree weather is HEAVEN to us.

and let me tell you what we have been up to:

me and christy blew up my raft and sailed on first dam.
we basked in the sunlight and used our arms for paddles.
i saw the regular chinese fisherman on the dock that told me that the fish only like hamburger.
that joker.

we planted flowers at friends of the elderly, where ralph told us the cutest love story ever about how many miles he had to walk to get to his wifes house when they were courting. he told us he was so glad when he finally bought a bike because dating her was so much easier. his wife almost laughed till her dentures fell out. then fontella told us that her mom wouldnt let her get married because she was too young. so then, to spite her mother, she got pregnant. ha.


Now that its spring, i have seen probably 729 pregnant girls on campus. i couldn't know why. today as i was walking to the bus, i saw another one, and in my head i said.. "i see pregnant girls everywhere i go..." and then the next line that came into my head was sung by the little comic named Glen that lives inside my brain.. "i see pretty girls everywhere i go..everywhere i go.." then i saw a large, random piece of bacon sitting on the sidewalk. i had a shakefit of giggles.

me and some friends went to the pet store today. just to look.

i left my wallet home on purpose.

you know that poor little pets in small little cages are my weakness.

then we went to barnes and noble. just the smell of that place automatically gives me the smiles. i can't tell you how wonderful it is to browse through all the journals and see all the books and sit on the floor and read wonderful things.

today was day on the quad.

the sun was shining, the college students were acting rowdy, ah it was marvelous.

Then we went to our complex's spring bbq. mmmm nothin like the gool ol smell of a bbq. we also enjoyed making fun of various tools in the pool. ha. tool party pool party. la la la la.

then it was the dance & true aggie night. the only part i like about that, is they string twinklie lights up by the 'A'. its super pretty. then we get to see all the awkward kisses take place. eekkk. gotta love springtime hormones.


i cant wait to ride bonnie blue bike when i move home for the summer!

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