Thursday, April 22, 2010

mmmm smellishus

its 1 in the morning.
i have 2 finals tomorrow.
2 very important finals.
you know what that means?
i'm going to blog about pointless things. la la la.

So there i was, taking a bubble bath, and LOVING the smell of mr. bubbles bubble bath. it reminds me of when i was little and my mom would pour a tiny little capful into our bath. i would always hoard all the bubbles away from my little sister. ha.
and i got to thinking about how smells remind you of certain things, you know?
so heres my list. its quite funny. talk about a walk down memory lane.

the smell of artificial peach: reminds me of going to Toys R Us with my grandparents when i was about 4 years old. They gave us 5 dollars each to go buy something. (HEAVEN!!!!) I remember it took me like... 40 minutes to pick out something i wanted. My sisters all got random stuff, and i was just in a little conundrum. I finally picked out this awful smelling little bottle of toy perfume. it smelled of peaches. ahhh. memories.

the smell of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies: reminds me of coming home from Glenmoor elementary school to a surprise in the kitchen. Sometimes my mom would bake these cookies and it was SUCH a treat. seriously. special occasion.

the smell of various lotions/perfumes while a tween/teen:
-cucumber melon: 6th grade, ms. mcmullins class. i'd always put it on under my desk and she hated the smell of it. muahah.

-lovespell: mckay meyer, 7th grade. ohhhh was i under a lovespell or what!? he gave me socks for my christmas present. aww.

-curious: the 8th and 9th first love, austin. only because i'd steal my sister kristin's perfume when i'd go to see him. hahahah.

-fantasy: sophomore boyfriend. i think he gave it to me as a present... no wonder i hid it away for years after i got dumped.

the smell of newspaper: reminds me of Glenmoor book-bucks. i loved that glorious time in the school year.

the smell of fog from fog machines: artificial blood and witches. lots of both.

the smell of lilac: Grandma Tygerson. I don't know why. I think the soap in her bathroom smelled like lilac or something.

the smell of puppy breath: creepy, right? shut up. it reminds me of my most favorite puppy ever. sadie. so what if she pooped everywhere!? :(

the smell of home depot: numerous outings with my dad to go buy wood or something. you know, since our house was under construction for like 87 years. i loved riding on the huge orange carts. whenever i walk into lowes or home depot, i have the strongest urge to ride on those carts again. sometimes i do.

the smell of homemade salsa: saturday jazz nights at the Nicolaysons. i always wanted to stay till like, 3 in the morning. we always left at 11. grrrrr.

the smell of autumn fabreeze: snow hall. *shiver*

the smell of coconut body butter: bonnie glass-coffin's anthropology class. what else was i to do but hydrate my skin in such an awful class? also, it reminds me of SD. mmm.

the smell of coffee: the falk residence. :)

i think i've rambled enough. goodnight.

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MissyJEE said...

kay...pretty sure i've told you this before, but the little venue in p-town, the velour, uses fog machines all the time, and i have little freakouts in my head cause all i can think about is swords and wishes and that red light. hahaha.