Tuesday, April 27, 2010

words words words

Remember this little post that i wrote about my patients for my english memoir? Well guess whaaaaat. It won the 'voices' competition in class, and i gotta read it on thursday at the performance hall infront of other english 2010 classes. :/

six quick things:
1. First of all, I was hoping i'd win.. because i worked really, really hard on it. can i say that? I really just loved this paper because I love my patients..and i felt like i needed to portray them perfectly. i needed to do their sweet little selves justice! And also this little competition reminded me of the writing contest that i DIDN'T win in the 5th grade. I think it was for red ribbon week, and i totally thought i had it in the bag.. because I was in 5th grade and was the shiz, right? Well, i definitely LOST to Vishu Vishwalla and held a grudge against her for the rest of the year.

2. Second of all... I can't even read scriptures aloud in sunday school let alone on a stage infront of people in a huge fatty performance hall..it goes a little like this: "And it.. and... and it came to pa- and it came to pass that the sons..the sons of the......fhsaklfhjdakhjfdkal"I just get nervous when i have to read, okay!?

3. Third of all..I really hope i don't forget to wear my jeans where the zipper actually works. :/ I'm going to wear cute panties, just in case i forget.

4. Fourth of all..I think im gonna be published in next years little english book that all the little sophomores have to critique. So. I guess maybe its not that awesome, because other teachers will probably pull me apart. but. whatever. kewl whip, right?

5. Fifth of all.. no I'm not breaking any HIPPA violations because I'm changing their names.

6. Sixth of all.. in your face Vishu Vishwalla!!!! HA!!!


Tami said...

NICOLE that is super awesome!! Good job!

MissyJEE said...

i love everything about YOU.

brittyd said...

oh ma heck! That is so awesome! You deserved to win, that paper was so good. goooood worrrrk.