Monday, April 5, 2010

fresh air & birthday

someone pooped in the air vents in the library today.
what a miserable surprise for all the librarees.

Also, it was my best friends birthday today...

we've been bff for 8 years now.
shes great.
and such a wonderful example to me.
she always gives me an optimistic outlook on life when i come home wallowing in my self pity.
oh shes great.
you should know her.
or at least, stalk her here.
(i'd post pictures but oh wait.. i got sand in my camera from sd. cry cry cry.)

Happy birthday chris!


brittyd said...

Wait what?? christy's bday?? Why did I not know this?
Happy Birthday Christy! :)

And why in the crap (pun most definitely intended) would someone poop in the vents at the merril-cazier??

Christy Marie said...

My love for you is so big.
You put the happy in my ness. and the good times into my fun.
I love you.