Sunday, April 11, 2010

You're doin it Peter, You're doin it!

Last night, me and the crew went up to chadwicks cabin.. (really its just a huge/nice house in the middle of nowhere on this beautimous lake up in idaho...) annnnnd it doubled for Neverland for the night. Awesome.

The night involved:
-8 boxes of little ceasars pizzas
-a rousing/awful game of mafia
-a pegleg pirate pinata
-a Neverland photoshoot
-the pan couch game
-a few sweaty games of around the world ping pong
-an amazing food fight with imaginary food
-watching hook and realizing that one of the insults he uses is: 'near-sighted gynocolegist'
-and we topped off the night with a random disney movie. Hercules.
Ahhhh. i love my friends.


Dave Lucy & Marley Gurney said...

hahahaha. JEALOUS!

Jesse & Katie Rindlesbach said...

wow!! jealous!! i love the pic w peter "flying" at the bottom, barely making it in the pic. haha :)