Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Saga of a Girl

I've had my nose nosily stuck in a book for the past five years.
Not a real book. But sort of. A real life SAGA, if you will.
My best friend of 8 years has been dating a boy for 5 years. (i know i can say this because there is no possible way he will read this...)
This saga included ups and downs and a somewhat awful/joyous ending, all of which i of course have been involved in.
And last night, i got to the last chapter. Yes, i stumbled across the awful:
'OMG congratulations to the both of you!' on his facebook page.
He's getting married. to someone ELSE. *jaw drop*
My little heart broke for her heart.
5 years compared to 5 months!?
I prepped myself for the worst, and invited her to sit on the couch with me so i could tell her he was marrying his new girlfriend of 150 days.
And what was it that happened, you ask?
I started crying. Not her, I.
ME. Crying because my her ex boyfriend is engaged.
Am i overly emotional? Way too involved? PMS-ing? All of the above?

She was telling me that she knows there is someone else out there better for her.
She wanted to feel happy for the both of them. She didn't wanna egg his house or give her a flaming surprise on her doorstep. She wanted to feel happy for him!
And even though it hurts, she is excited to feel real love.
The kinda love that she'll share with her eternal companion.
What on earth?
When i found out my ex was engaged i cried for a whole day and threw up TWICE.
(it ended up being a rumor..but..hah.anyways..)
How was it that I was crying about her first love being engaged and she wasn't!?
I couldn't know. I'm blessed with really, really strong friends.
I need to learn from her. Like.. seriously.
Even though its an awful thing, at the same time, its sort of wonderful to know that there is someone better out there for my bff. And it made me realize that there is someone better out there for me than all the IDIOTS i've been dating.

Guess what made me feel better for her though?
I printed off the ugliest, pre-pubescent picture of him in the world..
and slipped it under her door with a little note, telling her that her husband would be so much hotter than him.
Immaturity at its finest.
its how i cope, okay!?


Christy Marie said...

Member how after I read this I walked into the kitchen with mascara running all down my face?

I love you.

Christy Marie said...

haha i love you cole :)

and i love christy. :)

and maybe even heather.. haha

best apartment ever! :)

livvy said...

hahaahahahahah i totally just left that under christy's log in. i guess she used my computer last!! oops!

but i really do love you and christy and heather. haha and we really do have the best apartment ever! :)

Kristin May said...

Nicole has a GIFT for finding the ugliest picture of ex's imaginable.

Natalee Falk said...

You are the funniest writer Nicole! I'm Serious! I could blog stalk you all day grandpa! I LOVE YOU! P.s. Who said it was ever wrong to be a little... immature? OR just make fun of your best friends exes relentlessly (cough, amen, cough) hahahaha

Lauren Brown said...

Nicole dearest,
I cried when I read this. You want to know why?
1) Because this is the EXACT christy I know. So optimistic even during the hardest times. She truly is such an amazing example of how we should all be.
2) Because you are so wonderful. And sensitive. And such a good listener. And you REALLY care about those you love.
3) Because I feel like you've been helping me through kind of the same thing.. kind of.. and YOU'VE been the difference.
Over all, I just love you. I do! I really do guys!