Thursday, April 8, 2010

ordinary fairytale day

Once upon a time, last night sucked.
but im glad i have friends who will  make me laugh when i have snot/tears running down my face.
i need to not be so pms-y. but FRICK i'm a woman okay!?
i ordered 2 dozen rolls from texas roadhouse today. :/
for me. and my roommates. but mostly for me.
damn you nadeene.

i'm failing my first college class ever. and its stressin me out.
and boy (b) makes me wanna punch him in the face everytime i see him.
and, you know that terrible book i was talking about for social work?
well today it got worse. wayyyy worse.
abuse and killing worse. rated R social work worse.
so much worse that i called my mom in tears asking her if it was okay to sparknote this book instead of reading, and if it was considered cheating.
I told her the book was tearing up my soul, and she told me that it wasnt cheating if it was for a good cause.
i was delighted with that and stopped crying.
(turns out sparknotes didnt have it, so i just butchered my book report on it instead.)
anyways, the moral of the story is, i'm not going into child welfare services. too hard.
maybe i'll do international adoptions.
turn into a little angelina jolie, if you will.

tonight was much better though.
 after i got that stupid report done, we skyped a friend in china.
then played mario.
then i took a bubble bath. it was awesome.
(i may or may not have played in the bubbles annnnd made a bubble beard on my face. I felt like i was 4 again. and then i remembered how i used to scuba dive in my bathtub. and this one time my mom came in hysterically laughing because she saw this little girl with her nakey butt in the air, having the time of her life in 5 inches of bath water, sporting eye and nose covering goggles and a snorkle. ahhh. memories.)

then me and my roomies had a burning ceremony of a certain someones letters. this certain someone is engaged to a certain someone else but he was supposed to marry a certain main someone.
what an idiot.
so we burned all his letters tonight.
maybe we listened to an angry t-swift song.
 it was funny.

then we had a dance party in our living room.
The End


Christy Marie said...

What a great day. The fire alarms all got set off but it felt magical. I, love living with you Ms. BOOTH.

Rachel Nell said...

Oh hey. Bad night for more than one of us aparently. Boys are dumb. And everyone has to fail at least one class sometime in their college career. Pretty sure it's mandatory. My friend is failing every single one of his classes this semester, so be glad it's just one.

Also, I completely support binge eating. And calling Moms. And burning things. And dance parties. And you.

Amylee said...

Social work= the most difficult job in the world.
Why don't you just love on the old people for a living? I seriously don't understand why you aren't just an RN already. Plus, then you can take care of my Grandma. Her name is Jewel. You can't go wrong with a person named Jewel.
Love you.
Now go make more bubble beards.

7upkels said...

oh my goodness, we will blog stalk each other now!! hahah. i am actually a stalker at heart, which is why i had to resort to creating a fake facebook account after deleting my own (haha - i'm a sad person, i know) but honestly.

and secondly, i TOTALLY have been exactly where you are, before. i was leaning towards sociology but i felt that it was so liberal/pessimistic i literally couldn't take it, so i scratched it off the list. whatever you do though, i'm sure you'll be great :)

Lynsie Jae Leinbach said...

i feel so honored to be mentioned in your blog! it was fun to see you! lets do it again sometime. ok?
ps Harry Potter theme park universal studios opens june 18

cole linnae said...

lyns. omg. im booking my ticket right now.