Saturday, April 3, 2010

livin on a prayer..

So, last night i was driving back to logan after my big sisters bridal shower dinnerish type thing..
And it was late. and I was sleeeeepy.
And the canyon had never been so sucky. EVER.
Iwas slushy and snowy and windy and WHITE. and i literally couldnt see anything.
I tried to stay calm, so i mumbled a little prayer that i wouldnt die..
because thats the only thing i could do because i was freaking out so bad.
(it was either saying a quick prayer or imagining what my obituary would look like. really. it was that bad.)
anyways, i was livin' on a prayer, if you will.

a few minutes after i muttered the prayer...
the ipod connector stopped working and the song playing stopped.
it usually just turns an annoying tone of fuzzy until i turn the whole thing off out of anger, ya know?
wanna know what song came on out of the blue loud and clear though through the radio waves right then?

"ohhhhh we're halfway there ooOOHHHH livin' on a prayer!"

i giggled.

Someone upstairs must have a sense of humor.

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